A Gesture from AEX Exchange to Customers


The struggling AEX exchange has added a new solution for clients to recover trapped funds.
The new AEX solution will be implemented by third-party law firms and third-party regulatory agencies. Customers are free to choose between new solutions and existing “payment flexibility” plans.

The struggling cryptocurrency exchange, AEX, has launched another solution for customers whose money is stuck on its platform. According to the announcement on its website, this latest solution is an additional option based on the previous one released last month. AEX says the key to this option is to increase customer choice and speed up recovery.

The integrated solution includes three specific steps that AEX exchange believes will make exercise easier. It hopes that by implementing these measures, the rights and interests of its customers will be better protected in the current situation. AEX’s actions include transferring part of the project rights to the client at a small discount by using other law firms and other management companies.

AEX Exchange Announces New Plan for Destroying AUSD and Continuation of Flexible Payment Plan

This will cover the powers that need to be predictable. Customers who choose this option will be required to sign a contract to purchase products issued by the company in their real name. They will also complete a “Qualified Investor Questionnaire” before sending specified AUSD funds to black hole addresses for destruction based on the newly created regulations.

The destruction of AUSD will be in batches defined by AEX exchange as a service and will be managed by other companies. Each activity must have a maximum of 49 participants. There will be two operations per month, the first of which will begin in mid-January this year.

The new AEX plan will continue with the previous “flexible payments” plan that was proposed in December 2022. A flexible payment plan involves regular redemption exercises by the company to ensure that AUSD continues to pay. AEX will also invest in the Uniswap AUSD-USDT pool from time to time. This is to ensure that the asset retains its value.

AEX suffers from the prospect of the collapse of Three Arrows Capital (3AC) in mid-2022. This adds to the complexity of moving his home to China after the country stopped cryptocurrency operations.

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