Bear Leadership Effect on the Monero Price


Monero price analysis is sounding today as the price fell above 0.53%. XMR/USD continued to edge overnight at $154.95, and further declines are expected in the near future. The buying pressure has not yet returned as bears are taking over the market and pushing the price up to $154.95 at the time of writing.

Monero price analysis shows that the XMR/USD pair is currently falling. The market has been falling since the beginning of today. Although yesterday was confusing, the bear managed to capture the market and made the price drop to $154.95. Therefore, XMR/USD is poised to decline further and return to the $150.87 support. The stop for the Monero price analysis is set at $152.80 and finds support at $156.64, either of which can be broken based on market movements.

One day Monero price analysis shows that the current XMR/USD pair is falling. The market seems to have lost momentum in the last 24 hours. The XMR/USD pair is currently trading at $154.95 after hitting a high of $156.80 and a low of $152.80, respectively. The market is falling after losing around 0.53% of its value today. The XMR/USD pair is currently bearish as market sentiment remains negative.

Monero (XMR) Price Analysis: Bears Dominate as Market Remains Negative

The MACD indicator is now in bearish territory because the signal is above the MACD indicator. The strength indicator (RSI) for the pair XMR / USD is currently at 57.70 indicating that the market is not oversold or overbought at this time and there is a possibility of a price recovery in the market. The MA line for the 1-day period is currently above the candlestick, indicating that the market may be under upward pressure.

Monero’s 4-hour price analysis shows that the bears are carrying the price lower and seem to be succeeding in their efforts. Prices gradually decline as the bears maintain their dominance. The last few hours have not had any impact on cryptocurrency. Today, the XMR/USD pair fluctuated between $153 and $154; it is currently trading at $154.95 at the time of writing.

The volatility of Monero is very high and the movement of the Bollinger Bands shows both ends on the slope and their middle marks above the price level, which indicates that the price may fall in the coming period.

Overall, the current Monero market is falling as sales remain high in the market. The market is expected to continue its trend as the market sentiment remains negative. Investors are wary of the current economic climate. Prices will continue to decline if the selling pressure continues.


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