Bear Market 2022- Metamortals and Hedera to withstand the effects.


Metamortals and Hedera:

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most popular parts of the financial world. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency stocks have gained so much attention and investments, more than a lot of crypto analysts anticipated. With the popularity of the Cryptocurrency market, it is very different from the traditional finance market in many ways. 

One of them is the high volatility. The cryptocurrency market is regarded as a huge risk because it is highly volatile. At the same time, this high volatility is the same reason a lot of investors are diving into cryptocurrency stocks. But why? Well, with cryptocurrency investments, once you get it right, the high volatility can take your investment to a higher value, giving you a profit. 

However, with this same volatility, your investment can go south. This is what a lot of people are scared of. The cryptocurrency market can be affected by different factors across the ecosystem. This year, the Cryptocurrency market has been affected a couple of times too. That’s where the bear market 2022 comes in. 

As you probably know, the bear market is when the cryptocurrency market goes through price declines for a prolonged time. With the bear market, the prices of cryptocurrency stocks fall by 20% or more from their recent highs among negative investor remarks and pessimism. Bear markets also come along with market recessions. 

The bear market 2022 is currently ongoing as cryptocurrency stocks are currently undergoing a recession. A lot of investors are going into panic mode as most of them are getting scared and trying to sell out their investments, leading to a loss. However, as some investors are panicking, there are also some investors taking advantage of this bearish market by investing in cryptocurrency stocks that will stand the test of this bearish market. This article highlights two of these projects. They are Hedera (HBAR) and Metamortals (MORT)

bear market 2022 metamortals

Hedera (HBAR)

Proof-of-stake consensus is used by Hedera, a public blockchain network and its governing body. A platform called Hedera makes it possible to create and share decentralized apps. Hedera offers tools and resources to make it easier for developers to construct the applications they want, similar to other public blockchains that enable them to create decentralized applications (DApps).

Hedera is exceptional in a lot of ways. Hedera is a publicly accessible distributed ledger that combines a path to extensive coin distribution with a path to permissionlessness in order to protect the network and achieve total decentralization. Because of its remarkable speed, carbon-negative energy efficiency, and security, the Hedera Heragraph is exceptional.

The open blockchain network’s token is known as HBAR. You can open a Hedera account to invest in it or trade with people who already have one. HBAR cannot yet be mined. This coin is used to make low-cost, highly customizable transactions possible on Hedera.

Metamortals (MORT)

Blockchain and play-to-earn gaming are common concepts in the cryptocurrency world. As many projects have been in existence for years, blockchain games give users a chance to invest in the cryptocurrency world while having fun with their games. When people hear play-to-earn games, they always think of NFTs and tokenized in-game assets, as this was the beginning. However, blockchain and play-to-earn gaming have evolved way past that. 

The play-to-earn gaming world has now integrated decentralized into its ecosystem. This is where the term GameFi came from. With GameFi, users can enjoy the features and ecosystem of the blockchain games while still carrying out activities related to decentralized finance like token swapping, yield farming, and many more. As this GameFi world is growing, more innovators are taking advantage of it. One of the projects birthed from this is Metamortals

Metamortals is a GameFi platform or a blockchain DeFi game that gives users a chance to enjoy saving, earning, and entertainment all in one project. Immersing the users into the world of adventure and fantasy, Metamortals decided to leave the lane of cliché NFTs with play-to-earn gaming. 

With Metamortals, users can be virtual characters, enjoying and experiencing the adventure and fantasy of the Metamortals world. Users get to be entertained and enjoy the game world while earning. 

The Metamortals ecosystem is run by the token MORT. This token, MORT, serves as the reward for the game players when they carry out tasks. These tasks in the game include staking, exploring, giving liquidity, and so much more. MORT is unique because players can carry out transactions with it without spending a lot of transaction fees. Metamortals is a cryptocurrency project with long-term value, outwitting the bear market.

Metamortals (MORT)





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