Get King sized profits with Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), and Calyx Token (CLX)


Are you looking for the next 100X coin but unable to shortlist a prospective token? Let us consider the benefits of adding Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), and Calyx Token (CLX). Out of these 3 coins, Calyx Token is currently in the presale phase and could generate 100X returns. The other two tokens can be added on every decline to diversify and add some balance to the crypto portfolio.  

Binance Coin enters accumulation zone at the $392 level

The Binance Coin has receded below the $400 region and has entered a zone of strong accumulation that had witnessed heavy buys in the previous rally. Whales prefer to buy huge volumes of the BNB token at levels of $400 and below and you can do the same to get huge returns once the coin heads back to the $430 region. 

The BNB ecosystem provides many rewards to the holders of the Binance Coin token and the coin is also burned regularly to reduce supply. The BNB coin completed its 14th quarterly burn program recently. 

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Ripple launches plug and play liquidity hub

Ripple Labs, the company behind the popular cryptocurrency XRP has announced plans to launch a business solution for enterprises seeking liquidity. As per the announcement, “The Liquidity Hub offers access to deep liquidity pools and leverages smart order routing and advanced algorithms to source optimized prices for a variety of digital assets.” This would help businesses as inadequate liquidity creates transfer issues with payments sometimes getting stuck for many days. 

The XRP token was trading at the $0.68 level at the time of writing. It has also fallen by 3.65% and can be acquired at this level as it displays a strong upside of 5-10% in the near future. The SEC case against Ripple has been extended to 2023 but the coin could rally once the case is settled and Ripple’s liquidity solutions are adopted by major financial institutions. 

The Potential of Calyx Token 

The Calyx Token will be used inside the Calyx Swap that will allow easy exchange of coins as it is a liquidity aggregator and will source liquidity from many decentralized exchanges. At present, DEXs suffer from issues of low liquidity and users can sometimes get stuck with tokens that do not trade frequently. Calyx Swap will help such users and can become the preferred token swap network in the future. 

The CLX token will be initially deployed on the Ethereum network but will support other blockchains in the future. 85% of the transaction fees will be rewarded to liquidity providers so they will have an incentive to use the Calyx site. The CLX Token will also be burned to reduce supply and this will help in increasing the price of the token. 

The Calyx project will be run on a community-based governance model through a DAO. The team also plans to conduct a series of smart contract audits and release reports as they are completed. 

Liquidity providers do not get adequately compensated and have to pay a large number of fees to the decentralized exchange. Calyx Token shares revenue with the liquidity providers and could solve issues of inadequate liquidity currently plaguing major exchanges. The CLX Token should see a considerable rise in price once the coin starts trading on major exchanges. You can buy the CLX Token currently through a presale at an attractive price of $0.0005 with huge upside potential. 

You can add these three tokens to gain giant returns as all three coins have the potential to deliver huge profits in the future. The Calyx token has great utility and you can check the various links given below to find out more about this new coin and its various services. Carry out your own research and stay updated about the projects in which you choose to join. 

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