BingX’s 5th Anniversary: Join the Celebration

BingX's 5th Anniversary: Join the Celebration


BingX, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges is celebrating its 5th anniversary by expressing its gratitude to its users who support and trust the platform.

BingX has announced “User Appreciation Month”, a month-long celebration with a total prize pool of 10 Million USDT.

BingX’s 5th anniversary and “User Appreciation Month” represents a significant milestone within platform’s history. Five years ago BingX was born with the vision of “becoming the gateway of the Next Billion Crypto Users”, making crypto accessible and easy for everyone in the industry. It was the first centralized exchange to provide a “Copy Trade” service in crypto and has become a world-class social trading ecosystem where all users and traders can learn and earn. BingX now operates in more than 100 countries and serves 5 million users with continuous innovation.

BingX's 5th Anniversary: Join the Celebration

Unleash Exciting Online Campaigns: BingX’s User AppreciationMonth

During “User Appreciation Month“, BingX will offer its users a series of exciting online campaigns on futures, copy trade and spot trading respectively. With a staggering total prize pool of 5 million USDT, 200 BTC and ETH, as well as BingX NFT, there will be Individual/Group trading contests, amazing giveaways, limited-time promotions and more.

BingX plans to give all these great prizes to its users through fun games such as “Virtual Gold Coin Collection”. In addition, BingX will organize educational and reinforcing webinars and training workshops for its users on topics such as cryptocurrency trading, investing and blockchain technology.

In addition to the online campaigns, BingX is taking its 5th Anniversary celebration to the next level with a worldwide tour.

BingX representatives will host offline events around the world. They will meet crypto enthusiasts in countries such as Spain, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mexico and Argentina. These events will provide a unique opportunity for BingX to connect with its users on a more personal level, gather feedback and strengthen the bond between the platform and its community.


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