Bitcoin (BTC) and Persystic (PSYS) Could Massively Take Charge this Year


Persystic (PSYS) could be an entirely interesting,  token-rewarding social media platform. See for yourself below.

Bitcoin (BTC)

All hail the King, Bitcoin (BTC). Today this big guy,  Bitcoin (BTC) has been the popular chant in the cryptocurrency market. Well, Bitcoin (BTC) has proven the most successful and globally used form of digital money the financial world has ever seen. The thriving crypto,  Bitcoin (BTC) has been sensed to be one of the leading inspirations for creating other cryptocurrencies, such that some crypto projects attempt the standards of Bitcoin (BTC), while a number of these projects go against Bitcoin (BTC). So much for popularity right? 

So far, Bitcoin (BTC) has established its throne in the crypto world, influencing the eruption of new cryptocurrencies, as well as a major part of the electronic cash system. Commonly, Bitcoin (BTC) is known as digital money that could be exchanged for a wide range of other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin (BTC) is based on a decentralized blockchain, and a peer-to-peer electric cash system. It leverages the peer-to-peer cash feature, by eliminating the need for a third-party confirmation of transactions, even by banks.

Over the years, the idea of Bitcoin (BTC) has seized a low score on the rate of theft activities in the financial market. Security has been made naturally tight and effective in the transaction of Bitcoin (BTC), by encryption of personal information between both parties involved. The user’s identity is hidden and stored anonymously till the end of the transaction.

The amazing cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) can be accessed in the comfort of home, through your smartphone, credit card, or an online crypto exchange, just with any wallet that trades on Bitcoin (BTC). An example is Bitcoin Wallet. A Bitcoin Wallet isn’t just a digital wallet that stores/trades Bitcoin (BTC), rather it also protects Bitcoin (BTC) with a unique private key that nobody is allowed to possess, except you and with who you wish to share the secret code.

Bitcoin (BTC) is gradually replacing the government-controlled fiat cryptocurrency for good. Let’s see where that ends. 

bitcoin image persystic

Persystic (PSYS)

See this token, Persystic (PSYS), as a move to empower a well-organized social media platform by a decentralized blockchain. Before this time, Social networks have been void of distributed income generation opportunities. However, these networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have rapidly evolved from old-cabin look into a state that individuals perceive as home.

On the other hand, these socials have been charged with a downside that most users cry out in pain, while some wander in ignorance. There are top 5 setbacks of these socials, they are: poor privacy right, the proliferation of fake content, Government Censorship, Unequal monetization strategy, and imploring political systems and algorithms that debates the visibility of content materials. 

At Persystic (PSYS), it’s a firm belief that all the internal and external challenges of these socials could be properly handled by a model – which employs a distributed ledger blockchain technology. Persystic (PSYS) is a tokenized social media network combo, that combines the upsides of top social networks, with a world of blockchain technology, to enable users to monetize their content comfortably, all without fear of security, privacy, algorithm, and other setbacks. 

This tidbit of knowledge is only a warm-up of how interesting and focused Persystic (PSYS) is. To uncover more beautiful benefits of the Persystic token (PSYS), kindly look up its white paper on its homepage. 

Before we wrap it up here, know that Persystic offers traders and crypto enthusiasts like you series on bonus during its presale phase. A 9% bonus is rewarded, if one gets the Persystic token with Ethereum, a 10% bonus if with BNB/BSC, and a 15% bonus if purchased with USDT.

Early bird purchase of within 15mins of presale onset attracts 50% bonus, and Stage 1 presale purchase earns one a 5% bonus. You don’t want to miss-out on this profit-packed cryptocurrency during its presale. Go for some persystic right away.

Persystic Token (PSYS)





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