Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Failed to Keep Up


Although the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin started with complex purchases on the first day of March, it could not maintain its rise. Again, the battle of “bulls” and “bears” continues in Bitcoin, which has started to accumulate in a narrow area. Bitcoin, which rose to the highest falling trend line yesterday, again faced selling pressure from this region. Bitcoin, which started the day at the $ 23141 level, closed at $ 23628 with an increase of 2.11% with the selling pressure after seeing the highest level of $ 24000. Bitcoin, which closed above the averages, is stuck between two averages as of today’s writing.

Bitcoin, which started today at $ 23629, is trading at $ 23457 with a decrease of 0.72% at the time of writing.

Bitcoin Chart Analysis

Bitcoin, which started the first trading day of March with complex purchases and made its investors smile, could not maintain this rise and created a question mark in the minds again. Bitcoin, which settled on the averages yesterday morning, started to trade in the narrow region between EMA5 and EMA21 again, with quick sales at night. When we look at it for today, the EMA5 value of $23479 and the $24,000 level seen yesterday are the first resistance zones we will encounter. In case the possible pullbacks continue, the EMA21 $23406 and $22558 levels are our first support points.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Failed to Keep Up

What is the latest situation in Altcoin?

  • The latest situation in some altcoins;
  • Ethereum: down 1.21% at $1645,
  • Solano: down 2.44% at $21.96,
  • Avax: down 3.15% at $17.21,
  • Ripple: down 1.26% at $0.3775,
  • BNB: It is trading at $299.0, down 1.22% at the time of writing.

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