BitDAO Ewebata Ethereum Layer 2 Scalable Network Mantle


BitDAO ewebata Ethereum layer 2 Scalable network mantle. The Blockchain Organization (DAO) BitDAO has launched an Ethereum Layer 2 network called Mantle. BitDAO assets are valued at around $1.7 billion.

Mantle – Ethereum Layer 2 chain

The suit is a modular Ethereum Layer 2 chain. Unlike other monolithic networks, where all network functions take place in layers, modular networks offer a new way to build a blockchain. For network authentication, transaction execution and decision making, and data availability, there are different levels in the modular blockchain. According to this design, the network will work efficiently and scale. Based on the model, Bit DAO’s Layer 2 network architecture has three unique layers. The first layer is responsible for making transactions, the second and third layers are responsible for closing transactions and accessing information, respectively.

Reliance on Alt-L1 – BitDAO

A representative from Bit DAO said that Mantle is BitDAO’s attempt to solve some of the problems facing the current Layer 2 network. The best Web3, DeFi and GameFi in the market. According to reports, Mantle will provide better services than existing Layer 2 networks. The release said that Bit DAO’s Layer 2 network, which is an informal data access layer, will have faster production and lower costs. BIT, the official token of BitDAO, will be used to pay for transactions on Mantle.

EigenLayer – Collaborator

One of the partners of the project is the Ethereum middleware platform EigenLayer. The Layer 2 network service was launched on Wednesday at the announcement. An encouraging public testnet for Mantle is expected to launch next year.

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