Blockchain Gaming Just Got Better On Dogeliens ($DOGET), Decentraland($MANA), And Axie Infinity(AXS).


Dogeliens ($DOGET), Decentraland($MANA), And Axie Infinity(AXS)

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The web3 gaming sector is one that many find fascinating. Although the gaming concept has always been very interesting to many, it got extra attention when the possibility of earning in the process came in with the P2E mechanism. While the cryptocurrency market has witnessed constant ups and downs in the past month, it’s remarkable that the blockchain gaming system has remained stable. Gamers still get to play their favorite blockchain games, have maximum fun, and earn NFTs, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies while at it. Decentraland($MANA), Axie Infinity($AXS), and Dogeliens($DOGET) are three cryptocurrencies with the P2E mechanism and a metaverse that every gamer would be interested in.


Decentraland($MANA)is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies with the play-to-earn mechanism. Ranked among the top 5 gaming cryptocurrencies in the blockchain ecosystem, its token $MANA has a live price of $0.9, with a market cap of $1.677 billion and a 24hr trading volume of $442 million. It is an ERC20 token powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, users in Decentraland can buy LAND and pay for goods and services with MANA. Various centralized exchanges and swap services offer $MANA tokens for sale. The Decentraland ecosystem provides gamers a distinct virtual world where they can build and create their realities.

Source: Pexels

 In Decentraland, “LAND” refers to a plot of land in a 3D virtual environment. It is an Ethereum blockchain-based non-fungible token (NFT) used in the network. As all land titles are verifiable through the blockchain, users have the chance to own any LAND they buy permanently on Decentraland. After which, they would have complete control over any 3D scenes and structures they wish to construct on the LAND. Users can create larger plots of land, and individual parcels of property might be united into estates where users can create or build with like-minded users in the system. Marketplace and OpenSea are secondary markets where users can buy LAND and begin creating their reality.

Axie Infinity($AXS)

With Axie Infinity(AXS) comes better chances of earning through web3 games. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game where users purchase little NFTs called AXIE and use them to battle against each other. Users earn the $AXS token on the network with every battle or game won. Despite being a fun game, Axie has evolved into a social network and earning platform because of its vibrant community and the chances of earning it provides for users. Axie has several significant advantages over conventional games, including the possibility to develop intricate player-owned economies that reward players for mastering challenging levels of expertise. Asides from being able to earn, the AXS token is also the system’s governance token. Holders of the AXS tokens will be able to influence and cast ballots for the game’s overall direction. This contrasts with conventional games, where the developers make all decisions. Owners of AXS will be able to stake their tokens to earn more AXS and even cast votes for proposed changes to the company’s governance. As of the 19th of July, AXS has a live price of $16.30, a market cap of $326 million, and a 24hr trading volume of $1.355 billion. 


Dogeliens is a new cryptocurrency and a meme coin with various cosmic adventures. The cryptocurrency aims to create a meme coin that can carry on the legacy of leading meme tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The system also hopes to create more metaverse games for users interested in the concept of web3 gaming. Dogeliens could be a promising cryptocurrency to put your money on currently, as it would come in abundant supply, at a low cost, and provides means of earning for its users. Asides from being able to buy at a low cost, Dogeliens offers bonus services for users new to the network. You get around 22% bonus when you buy your DOGET tokens with BNB, and if you buy at stage 1 presale, you’ll get an additional 10% bonus. Extra 45% comes when you buy within 15minutes of signing up on the website. You can take advantage of these bonuses to earn passively with the $DOGET token. 

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