Celphish Finance (CELP), Bitcoin (BTC), And XDC Network (XDC) – Cryptocurrencies Changing The Decentralized Finance System


Decentralized finance is the next level and has sufficiently revolutionized the crypto space since its inception. Celphish news…

However, Non-Fungible Tokens are also great additions to the crypto space, and this incredible project has taken the crypto space by storm. Also, they are by-products of decentralized finance. Except you live under a rock, you will know that NFTs are the new labeled ‘best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022’.

Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto asset first described in a whitepaper in 2008. While, XDC Network, which was formerly known as XinFin Network, is an Ethereum  Virtual Machine-compatible hybrid blockchain. XDC is effectively equipped with public and private states and interoperable smart contracts. However, both BTC and XDC are available coins in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009, and it functions as a peer-to-peer online currency that allows transactions to occur without the need for intermediaries or third parties. XDC Network was founded in 2019 by R itesh Kakkad and Atul Khekade. This network was created to serve as a highly optimized bespoke of Ethereum and uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Blockchain and decentralization have introduced various features since inception. Bitcoin, one of the early decentralized cryptocurrencies, set the pace for decentralization in crypto. However, XDC, through its proof-of-stake mechanism, allows transactions to be performed virtually with little to no energy use. This will enable validators to perform a small proof-of-work when proposing the blocks, thereby leading to a highly resistant scamming platform.

Although Bitcoin and XDC Network have incredible features that make them stand out, their blockchains still have shortcomings. For instance, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with no stabilizing force. Even fiat money has stability because the government heavily defends it. Also, market operations are put in place to help stabilize fiat money. However, for BTC, no measure is put in place to ensure stability, making it largely volatile.

celphish finance is the solution token that decentralized finance and coins like bitcoin and network needs

Celphish Finance Is The Solution Token That Decentralized Finance And Coins Like Bitcoin (BTC) And XDC Network Needs

XDC Network, sound in all ramifications with its EVM compatibility and proof-of-stake mechanism, has proven to be a significantly rising token since its introduction. But it has also proven not to be an excellent short-term investment token. However, this is problematic because not all investors are looking to invest in a crypto asset on a long-term basis.

As earlier mentioned, Bitcoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies to hit the market. However, its blockchain still runs on a proof-of-work mechanism, which has proven to be very high energy consumption. Also, looking at the pricing history of this crypto asset, it is evident that it is very volatile even when compared to other cryptocurrencies in the digital world.

However, Celphish Finance has identified these problems that decentralized finance has been facing and is still meeting and providing cutting-edge solutions. Celphish Finance also introduces NFTs into its ecosystem, magnifying its users’ profit potential. Furthermore, Celphish Finance’s new and advanced features allow its users to trade and manage NFT assets.

Since Celphish Finance is a mixture of a decentralized exchange and NFT, this blockchain platform has effectively developed its ecosystem to proffer solutions to the existing problems of these two industries. However, the NFT marketplace faces issues such as – the risk of smart contracts and NFTs maintenance, replica store, and lack of interoperability.

However, the decentralized exchange platforms also face issues like – lack of staking and lack of trading data for crypto and NFTs. As a result, the Celphish Fiance created a platform that combats all these problems above with its ecosystem. Also, the Celphish Finance platform is not just accessible by users alone but also other decentralized protocols as well.

CELP tokenizes Celphish Finance, and this platform offers its users various bonus that enables them to earn income passively. Deposits made on the Celphish Fiance platform using various cryptocurrency is allowed, and these cryptocurrencies have bonuses attached to them. For example, deposits made in ETH attracts a 1% bonus, BNB – 15%, USDT TRC-20 – 12%, USDT ERC-20 – 10%, BTC – 10%, and so many more.


The Celphish Finance platform is not just accommodating alone but also very much innovative with its problem-solving features. However, the roadmap of the CELP token shows a forward movement and a plausible short and long-term token investment.

Celphish Finance (CELP)

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Website: http://celphish.io/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/CelphishFinanceOfficial 

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