Celsius and Voyager Digital Announce Impact From FTX Bankruptcy


Celsius and Voyager Digital announce impact from FTX bankruptcy. Voyager said recent events have affected the company’s bankruptcy filing. FTX analyzed the acquisition of Celsius after the last stop. Celsius said he was exposed to FTX. On November 11, the company tweeted that it blocked the FTX contract for SRM 3.5 million ($1.3 million).

It also revealed that FTT’s brand was the support for $13 million in loans and the Alameda investigation was not well-documented. Celsius also said that he follows “developments” and is in constant contact with those who do. The connection between the two companies is deep, as FTX considered acquiring Celsius after the latter was suspended in June, only to backtrack to learn more about Celsius’ financial situation. This week, Binance reversed its decision to bail out cryptocurrency exchange FTX after learning the full nature of the latter’s financial crisis. Voyager sales have been discontinued

Celsius and Voyager Digital & FTX

This fall, Celsius shares have been sold and FTX has seriously considered making an entry. As of December, no bidders have been registered for the sale. Meanwhile, Voyager said recent events have affected the company’s financial statements. In the months after it filed for bankruptcy in July, Voyager sold $1.4 billion in assets.

The offer was made to FTX in September, but the transaction was not completed until FTX closed this week. According to Voyager, FTX US did not hand over the assets for sale and only offered a “good faith” loan of $5 million. However, Voyager says it still has $3 million in crypto, mostly Terra (LUNA) and Serum (SRM) tokens, locked in a contract with FTX. Therefore, Voyager retains some of the risks associated with a failed business.

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