Invest In Security And Safety With Ethereum (ETH), Chiliz (CHZ), and RoboApe Finance (RBA)


RoboApe Finance (RBA) emerging as a secure trustworthy crypto- something key for new investors

Stability and security are two very important aspects crypto enthusiasts look at while choosing their preferred coins. Considering how easy it is for some projects to get swept under the rug, it’s pretty understandable why this worry is genuine. 

Below are some coins that take matters of security very seriously and we will discuss some below.

Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz (CHZ) is a unique low market cap crypto that has brought joy to investors because of its security and use case.

Chiliz (CHZ) was founded in 2018 with the aim of helping sports brands around the world get closer to their supporters using much engagement means such as NFTs and collectibles. 

The platform has become so popular and recognized that any sports brand that wishes to enter the world of Web3 has to go through Chiliz (CHZ). For the fans, Chiliz (CHZ) has become a secure platform where they can go and access their favorite team’s tokens and other specific offerings. 

Chiliz (CHZ) has seen a price rise of 14% in the past 14 days with its value currently at $0.23

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is a very popular crypto around the world, known for its ability to offer a platform where dApps are established. Ethereum (ETH) has been able to dominate the cryptocurrency world because of its impressive thought leadership as well as ecosystem diversity. 

eth image 1

With a market cap of around $390 billion, Ethereum (ETH) stands tall as number 2 among the top cryptos in the world. 

Ethereum (ETH) network is where most cryptos build their platform. Platforms such as OpenSea, the world’s most famous NFT market are built on the Ethereum (ETH) network. 

Typically on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, users are allowed to trade their proof of ownership by NFTs.

DApp projects are also very important to investors on the network because they use ETH, its native token to make all related payments and complete transactions as well.

With the kind of popularity and fame Ethereum (ETH) amassed for itself, it incurred a small burden. And this is none other than its transaction speed. Ethereum (ETH) continues to struggle with speed and high gas fees when compared to some other blockchains out there. 

Developers of the crypto have stated their decision to migrate to a more favorable consensus mechanism which will help boost their speed and reduce their high transaction speeds. 

RoboApe Finance (RBA)

RoboApe Finance (RBA) is an impressive new coin that’s keeping a lot of investors on their toes. This crypto is built on the ERC-20 network with plans of offering security services to investors all around.

For starters, RoboApe Finance (RBA) has announced its users will be able to take part in its NFT trading card events. It will let users mint their favorite NFTs as they please. 

RoboApe Finance (RBA) has also confirmed it will try to eliminate the lack of player incentives within the eSports industry, thus ensuring all payments are secure, and transparent with worth worthwhile rewards.

RoboApe Finance (RBA) through its whitepaper has also confirmed its desire to continue with community governance. In this regard, those who own the RoboApe Finance (RBA) token will be able to have a say on all proposed updates and upgrades in the network. 







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