crypto for mammoth gains in July: Feed3 (FD3)


If you’re out in the market looking for cryptocurrency tokens that could explode and provide potentially huge returns in the medium to long term, then read on because this article will include a cryptocurrency list and describe three such coins. Feed3 news…

We have researched through the markets and carried out a comprehensive review of all available tokens to identify the ones that could moon in the near future. The three cryptocurrencies shortlisted after a lot of research include Feed3 (FD3), Solana (SOL), and Theta Network (THETA). All three tokens have great use cases and have come up with interesting updates that could help them potentially post great profits in the future.

Feed3 will help developers gain useful insights through its feedback mechanism

The Feed3 ecosystem has come up with an innovative feature that will help in providing feedback to the developer community. It is an audio feedback tool and will be powered by the FD3 cryptocurrency. The FD3 Token can be purchased on presale.

Feed3 will establish a partnership with gaming tokens targeting the play-to-earn economy. The ecosystem is based around a proprietary software program known as Freeda that allows users to record feedback via audio in English. Since the entire network is based on blockchain technology, Feed3 will be able to verify the authenticity of the review submitted by the user. Freeda is provided with noise cancellation technology and an AGC algorithm that eliminates unwanted background noise and disturbance.

The voice feedback mechanism has been utilized since it is easy for the user, takes less time, and can be done in real-time even while playing the game. The developer community will benefit from reduced testing times and will be able to get access to real-time data directly from their primary users.

10,000 intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) have also been designed by the team at Feed3. These NFTs will help in processing the audio generating feature and the user will be able to get a passive income in the form of FD3 Tokens.

The Feed3 ecosystem will target the metaverse, play-to-earn, and video games industry. Given its utility, it could potentially provide huge returns in the future.

Various bonus options are being provided during the presale period of the FD3 Token. If a user decides to purchase through Binance Coin (BNB), then a bonus of 12% will be provided. Similarly, if the user purchases through USDT (TRC) Token, then a bonus of 15% will be applicable. Further, if a user spends $75, then a bonus of $25 will be provided. There are more exciting bonus rewards available and you can take advantage to accumulate huge volumes.

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