Keep Your Eyes on These Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), VeChain (VET) and CashFi (CFI)


The beginning of the year 2022 has been quite hectic for cryptocurrency investors, with loads of interesting discussions taking place around certain currencies. Especially during April and May when the crypto market experienced one of its craziest periods in a long time. CashFi news…

As things are slowly returning to normality, many coins have seen an increase in value. Investors and enthusiasts have said that it is the best time to start looking at certain tokens. VeChain (VET), Bitcoin (BTC) and CashFi (CFI) are worth taking a look at throughout the rest of this year.

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Introducing CashFi (CFI) to the World

CashFi is the next-generation decentralised network, the CashFi platform will be designed to unite the blockchain ecosystem to give faster, cost-effective and scalable services. 

Being a platform that is familiar with staking, CashFi has plans to allow its users to unlock liquidity for a higher profit by staking CashFi (CFI) tokens. CashFi’s blockchain-based trading platform reaps benefits from a modern structure and smart user utilities, and will round up all network fees and pay CFI stakeholders in the CashFi hub to ensure the platform’s safety. 

CashFi plans to create connections and partnerships by introducing its investors to a variety of asset classes like liquid staking and NFTs. CFI wants to unite NFTs into the CashFi ecosystem’s groundwork for making cross-chain NFT marketplaces. 

CashFi identifies the benefits of NFTs to boost peer-to-peer communication on a global scale, backed by total tenacity and security via transparency, cutting out the need for intermediaries and centralised regulatory structures. 

With the Metaverse universe and NFT realm expanding very fast, users can accomplish anything they want to by converting pieces of art, music, or even digital outfits into NFTs. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Should be in Your Crypto Wallet

Bitcoin also known as the ‘digital gold of the internet’ came about in 2009 shortly after the economic crisis, Bitcoin became a revolutionary by its fixed and halving function. 

Bitcoin gives its users the ability to transact with anyone, anywhere in the world using a digital wallet. This allows users to send and receive money, which usually takes up to 10 or 20 minutes for the transaction to be completed. 

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Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or bank. It is an open-source platform; it’s designed to be public, no one owns or controls it and is accessible to everyone. 

With Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency to be accessible and available to the world, it would be wise to consider investing in it.  

VeChain (VET) – for the Business Needs

VeChain is a Layer 1 supply chain token with many functionalities for small businesses and giant corporations. It was founded in 2015, VeChain is a blockchain built specifically for the tracing of products. 

VeChain is a blockchain company which aims to connect blockchain technology to the world by giving enterprises solutions tailored to their business needs. After a period of analysing different businesses, the foundation identified that many companies and businesses were losing billions of dollars annually due to logistic issues. 

Consequently, VeChain created a “Tool Chain ” that acts as a solution package for enterprises that would like to adopt VET into their processes. This package gives businesses the opportunity to attain chips and an interface to view the history of the products on the blockchain in every step of the process, from raw materials to the consumer’s hands. 

CashFi (CFI)

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