The cryptocurrency market has always had its fair share of fear. The volatility and the unpredictability it brings are uncontainable unless supplemented by enough knowledge and information gleaned from valid sources. Quilvius NEWS…

The subject has become so lucrative for the scammers that they’re always roaming around to prey on novice investors, looting money. Not any random coin coming in is worth buying or investment. Crypto is like any other asset, where you’ve got to weigh the benefits and the possible risks associated with the decision you’re gonna make. Otherwise, more than 10,000 coins are in the market, and new ones are launched every other day, which makes this industry indeed saturated.

The recent crypto crash has swept away the market in the real sense where holders lost their life savings in an instant because they couldn’t anticipate the loss and ended up losing it all. You can only make money out of your invested sum if you’re aware of how the particular coin works and what purpose it serves. Only then can you draw a trend based on your empirical findings and see if it’s an option to go with! One coin that we deem is highly centric on its mission is Quilvius (QVIU); let’s see what it has got! 

Quilvius (QVIU)

Quilvius (QVIU) is a Binance Smart Chain token. We are exposed to millions of bits of information a day, and with so much data coming in – we, over time, become immune to the knowledge. Have you ever wondered how cheap entertainment is? Or the other way, how tough is acquiring knowledge to be? For example, you pay 10-20 dollars to platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, etc., for easy access to thousands of movies and songs at any time. How many books can you buy with ten or even 20 USD, maybe a couple? This attitude defines what our top priorities are. 

Quilvius (QVIU) aims to avert this scenario by introducing a platform where it believes everyone from any background will have an opportunity to gain knowledge at a fraction of the cost they spend on entertainment. The publishing industry has risen to 254 Billion USD; still, many authors wine over not having a chance to publish their work. The whole system was so centric on one point, but Quilvius (QVIU) aims to break these chains of uninvited association and offers a chance to publish in a decentralized manner without having any third party dictate over them. 

Previously, it was Defi, but with a pinch of knowledge, it becomes DeEd (Decentralized Education). At BSC, the transaction costs are relatively low. So, the investors will leverage the benefits of trading at a fraction of the money they usually spend on other platforms. 

Rewards are there! On each transaction, 3% would be distributed among the holders. Whether a sale or a purchase – you’ll have your share in your wallet. Let’s see what the other two tokens offer! 

Quilvius (QVIU)





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