Catalyzing DeFi with innovative features, SupertideFi (SPT), Loopring (LRC), and Theta Network (THETA) are pioneering a new trend in cryptoverse


Today, cryptocurrencies are driving innovative solutions in the financial services industry in areas that range from lending, investments, digital payments, and trading. SupertideFi news…

Given their flexibility and versatility, blockchain-enabled assets have entered mainstream adoption while riding on the back of a host of advantages that range from cost-effectiveness, data privacy, inflation-proof returns, and economies of scale. All in all, they make a compelling case for driving growth and efficiency for businesses. Not only for businesses but also for an individual investor, these assets have offered an investment option that doesn’t need a fat bank balance. Thanks to blockchain, today anyone with an internet connection could invest in these assets. For investors who are looking to bet big on long-term cryptocurrency investments, top performers like SupertideFi (SPT), Loopring (LRC), and Theta Network (THETA) are an ideal choice. 

SupertideFi: Crypto asset management through DeFi

SupertideFi is an open-source platform for trading, lending, swapping, and borrowing cryptocurrencies and other financial products. It has its own native token SPT that can be used for transactional purposes like staking and yield farming that a user might encounter on the platform. The token is powered by the Binance Smart Chain. It will be available on presale for purchase. 

A rather distinct factor about the token is that it is built on a deflationary model that deliberately keeps its supply limited. Under the system, the tokens are burned on a regular basis to keep their supply scarce and shield their price against volatility. 

Another way in which the platform keeps price fluctuations in check is by keeping its newly minted tokens locked up for a certain period. For instance, all tokens purchased on presale are likely to have a vesting period of anywhere between 7 to 60 days.

Its staking mechanism is easy to understand. With the aim of incentivizing participation, the platform distributes rewards among its users every time they lend or borrow assets. These rewards are just like the interest an account holder gets for keeping money in a term deposit, except here there are multiple liquidity pools. 

Also, SupertideFi has optimized pool strategies so users can choose from an array of custom options to contribute to the liquidity pool. This way, users can create their own customized liquidity pools and earn compounded rewards on them in terms of their preferred altcoins.

Even as  DeFi gains traction due to the evolution of blockchain technology, existing platforms seem to be lagging behind due to the lack of communication and interoperability. SupertideFi strives to tackle the challenge by offering its users the ease of trading, lending, and borrowing assets across blockchain systems. Not only does the feature make the platform more flexible but it also keeps the problem of capital market isolation at bay. 

This non-custodial asset management platform is driving financial inclusion by liberalizing access to decentralized finance solutions.

layerswap to be integrated into loopring smart wallet

LayerSwap to be integrated into Loopring smart wallet

Loopring is a zkRollup Layer 2 solution for Ethereum-compatible platforms. For meeting any transactional obligations like staking and yield farming or paying a fee, users have to use the platform’s native token LRC. Among its recent initiatives, Loopring announced that it would be teaming up with LayerSwap. Starting June 2022, LayerSwap will be natively integrated into the Loopring Smart Wallet. With the move, Loopring users would be able to move their LRC Tokens or other assets on Loopring to LayerSwap with ease and without even having to leave their wallets.

Theta Network is now available for 4,000,000 users on the Atomic Wallet

The decentralized platform serves as a next-generation video and entertainment streaming service that is powered by a blockchain system. Theta Network has launched its own native coin THETA that is used for transactional purposes like paying fees, staking, earning rewards, and yield farming. Another benefit of acquiring the THETA Token is that users get to contribute to the platform’s development by getting voting rights. With these rights, users can vote for proposals that are pitched by community members and deal with operational decisions like partnerships and product launches. In a recent development, Theta announced that it will now be available for 4,000,000 users on the Atomic Wallet as it is now supported within the app.

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