Enjin (ENJ) & Mushe Token (XMU), Two Cryptos With The Potential To Explode By 1000%


A cryptocurrency investment is one that many people are beginning to get on board with. After the success of the last two years, there has been a slight pullback in the opening months of 2022, which was to be expected. Enjin (ENJ) and Mushe Token (XMU) are two cryptocurrencies that are ready to board their rocket to the moon and beyond. Let’s take a look at what makes these two projects unique.



By integrating gaming apps, websites, and the communication channels that support them, the Enjin community has opened up new ways of discovering and purchasing NFTs. Crucially to ENJ’s valuation, Enjin also allows members to convert NFTs directly to ENJ, melting them down, as it were, to mint new coins. Digital assets on the Enjin platform are valued in ENJ, and developers purchase ENJ to create in-game content.

ENJ had its ICO back in 2018, but its value only began to soar when the broader Enjin ecosystem developed sufficiently to support it. By early 2021, the coin’s value had begun to appreciate significantly, and a surge in February of that year seemed to suggest that ENJ had found its footing. 

By summer, though, the value of Enjin had fallen nearly to its January levels, and an even greater uptick in late November lasted only until January 2022. Since then, the coin has enjoyed only two modest and short-lived rallies, which to all appearances may be dead cat bounces.

The Enjin community is a significant player in the crypto space, boasting nearly 20 million registered users on one of the world’s largest blockchain-enabled gaming platforms. If that sort of community does not support sustainably rising coin valuation, many investors are left to wonder what can.

Mushe Token

Rather than seeking to reinvent the wheel, Mushe Token aims to be the key medium of exchange in a comprehensive financial platform that supports seamless interoperability between fiat currency and cryptocurrency. XMU delivers a true utility token that facilitates exchanges across fiat- and Metaverse markets, addressing a need that many investors have long acknowledged, but that no one until now has resolved.

By positing itself as a medium of wide-reaching exchange, rather than just another token built expressly for the crypto sphere, XMU can take advantage of value wherever its community find it. When fiat currencies seem to be the most prudent way forward, XMU will support those value plays. When opportunities in the latest and greatest Metaverse attract widespread attention, Mushe Token will help investors take advantage.

This approach has the potential to support a remarkably consistent valuation following XMU’s July 4 debut. The token has already more than doubled its introductory price of $0.005 and is on track to achieve its pre-launch goal of $0.05. Investors who seek steady ROI to support their riskier plays have a golden opportunity to add a remarkably stable token to their portfolios.

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