Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism Launches Token Airdrop


Hopefulness has sent off its OP token airdrop.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimism’s OP token is live.
  • A portion of the OP supply has been distributed to eligible addresses via an Ethereum airdrop, with more airdrops to follow in the future.
  • The OP token forms part of what Optimism is calling “the Optimism Collective,” the community that will govern the future of the Layer 2 network.

It’s the first of several planned OP token airdrops. 

Hopefulness Goes Live With Airdrop

Hopefulness’ OP token is live on Ethereum.

The Layer 2 scaling network sent off its new token after much expectation late Tuesday. As is standard practice in the crypto biological system, Optimism at first conveyed OP through an airdrop to a select number of qualified addresses. Early Optimism clients were compensated, alongside the people who met different rules, for example, having utilized scaffolds to get tokens off Ethereum mainnet or gave to Gitcoin inside a set time span.

Early traces of the present send off initially surfaced when Bybit, MEXC, and different trades reported plans to open OP spot exchanging inescapably. The Optimism group likewise surfaced on Twitter this evening to impart an enigmatic message to the local area. “sup geeks,” it read.

Hopefulness originally presented OP in April when it disclosed “the Optimism Collective.” It made sense of that the aggregate would be an “try in computerized administration at scale” with OP filling in as the Optimism people group’s token for overseeing convention redesigns, project motivations, and different parts of the organization. While the group at first dispensed 5% of the 4.29 billion inventory to the principal airdrop, it guaranteed that there would be “a whole time of airdrops” dunking into a further 14% of the all out supply. Up to this point, it’s yet to report subtleties of any further airdrops.

Idealism is one of a few undertakings attempting to assist Ethereum with scaling by working out the organization’s Layer 2 environment. It accomplishes this by utilizing Optimistic Rollups, a type of cryptographic innovation that groups exchanges together to decrease the traffic load on Ethereum mainnet. Alongside ZK-Rollups, Optimistic Rollups found in projects like Optimism offer a method for utilizing Ethereum at a higher speed and lower cost without forfeiting the Layer 1 organization’s security.

Over powered is supposed to assume a crucial part in the Layer 2 biological system as its holders will basically have the ability to conclude how the organization’s future will look. Remarkably, in a move not seen in other earlier Ethereum airdrops, Optimism is likewise wanting to issue non-adaptable “soulbound” tokens to individuals from the Optimism Collective. The group has named OP beneficiaries as individuals from the “Token House,” while the soulbound tokens will go to individuals from the impending “Residents’ House.” Together, these two groups will shape a bicameral framework to oversee Optimism’s future.

At press time, cost information for Optimism’s OP token was not yet accessible.

Divulgence: At the hour of composing, the creator of this piece claimed ETH and a few other cryptographic forms of money.


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