Can Firepin (FRPN) provide bigger returns than Chainlink (LINK) or FTX (FTT)?


FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is a new cryptocurrency that could provide even bigger returns than Chainlink (LINK) or FTX (FTT). One of the reasons we think so is because the FIREPIN ecosystem targets the metaverse sector, which is the most talked-about space in the crypto-verse today. Secondly,  FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is currently being sold through a presale and crypto investors can purchase large quantities of the token to receive promising returns in the near future. 

However, LINK and FTT remain strong veteran coins and should also be considered as potential cryptos to invest in.


Chainlink Gets Integrated By Oddz Finance

The Chainlink network has been integrated with Oddz Finance, which will now use LINK price feeds on the Avalanche main net. By integrating the infrastructure of Chainlink, Oddz Finance now has access to decentralised price data that will be used to secure the project’s options trading protocol, enabling users to trade options contracts easily. Oddz Finance selected chainlink because its infrastructure is easy to integrate and has been time-tested by many other networks in the past. 

Chainlink is widely used by many different DeFi protocols to integrate on-chain data. Oddz Finance is an options trading platform. The LINK Token has seen a strong price appreciation as the Chainlink system gets adopted by different DeFi protocols. The LINK Token was trading at $11.11 at the time of writing. 

Physical ETP Announced By Coinshares And FTX

One of the most prominent digital asset investment firms in Europe, Coinshares and FTX, a derivatives cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of physically-backed FTX ETP in Germany. FTX Europe spearheaded the launch of the FTX ETP, and it will begin initially with the seed capital of $40 million. 

The Coinshares FTX ETP will charge a management fee of 1.5 % per annum. Coinshares had earlier launched the FTX physically-backed Solana ETP in March. This achievement marks another progress for the FTX exchange. The FTT Token was trading at $39.99 dash at the time of writing and can be considered for long-term returns.

FIREPIN Targets Metaverse Space Could Provide Great Returns

FIREPIN Token is building a community-driven metaverse and is currently available on a presale. The project will be governed through a DAO, and community members will get to decide the future course of action of the FRPN ecosystem. All decisions will be taken by majority vote within the FRPN community.

The treasury funds will be used to launch game development, a 3D and metaverse empire, and virtual reality games. The ecosystem will also invest in upcoming blockchain companies that have a strong vision of metaverse games and a play-to-earn universe.

The advantages of buying and holding on to the FRPN Token include earnings from staking and yield platforms. In addition, all holders of FRPN Token will also benefit from instant rewards, and 2% of the transaction fee will be airdropped every week into the wallets to encourage users to hold for the long term. 

What’s more, the liquidity pool will be locked for two years, and this will help protect the token holders from price volatility.

FIREPIN Token will work across multiple blockchain networks and will help easy token transfers through cross-chain bridges. Initially, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks will be connected by the FIREPIN bridge and more chains such as avalanche and Solana will be added in the future. 

FRPN Token will be listed on Pancake Swap once the presale period is completed.  Adding the FRPN Token to your portfolio now could help you in reaping huge profits in the future as a price pump usually follows a listing. 

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