Hampshire and Texas States Welcome Bitcoin


Although the government’s role in controlling the cryptocurrency industry is still up for dispute, two US states have made considerable efforts to promote bitcoin adoption. Like Texas, New Hampshire decided to take the orange pill. The present bear market seems to be causing states less and less anxiety.

BTC mining, which was originally seen negatively, can now, in some areas, aid with power grid stabilization. On January 19, Chris Sununu, the governor of New Hampshire, made the final report of his “Commission on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets” public. In it, he exhorts the state Department of Energy to investigate how bitcoin mining may support grid stability and development in New Hampshire.

BTC Mining may even Help with the Energy Issue

The paper also advises looking at how BTC mining may be included in a state-wide energy policy. The commission concludes that the industry’s irregular and one-time electricity usage can help maintain the reliability of electrical networks and even spur the creation of new energy sources like renewable energies.

Reports Suggest that Bitcoin Mining is Going to Become a Secure Investment for the States

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are upbeat despite the recent dramatic decrease in the market. They assert that BTC transactions are the way of the future. One of them is US politician Ted Cruz. A lawmaker with a history of backing bitcoin wants to turn Texas into “a crypto paradise” (BTC).

Reports Suggest that Bitcoin Mining is Going to Become a Secure Investment for the States

The New Hampshire study follows only a few weeks after the Texas Work Group on Blockchain Issues report was submitted to the Texas Legislature. Everyone in the group agrees that purchasing Bitcoin in Texas is a secure investment.

The paper argues in support of self-care regulation. Moreover, it encourages greater tax breaks for nearby bitcoin miners that support network stability as well as bitcoin instruction in schools.

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