Get giant gains in 2022 with Hedera (HBAR), Filecoin (FIL), and HUH Token (HUH)


Hedera (HBAR), Filecoin (FIL), and HUH Token (HUH) could deliver great returns in 2022 and you can add these three tokens periodically after watching the price and volume action carefully. For your benefit, we will discuss the investment potential of these three tokens and how much of a return you can get in 2022 after building a cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition, all three tokens have good use cases and strong fundamentals; two crucial attributes that you must check before investing in any coin. 

Hedera earmarks USD 16.3M worth of HBAR for research and development

The Hedera network has launched an initiative to promote further development and adoption of HBAR worldwide by entering into a partnership with the Swiss Hashgraph Association. 

The HBAR token has been trading within a narrow range of $0.18 to $0.20 and could breakout once volume action increases. The HBAR coin will see increased adoption in the future and could be a good bet to reap huge returns. 

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Filecoin consolidates at the $18.84 level

Filecoin has shown strong consolidation at the $18.84 level and the price could rapidly head for a rally as soon as the whales establish volume control. The FIL coin is used inside a storage provider solution that has managed to build strong partnerships with many blockchain networks, including Hedera. Since the data is stored on a decentralized blockchain, it is easy to recover, difficult to censor, and almost impossible to hack. 

Could HUH Token see a rally with 20% gains?

The HUH Token has previously seen investors purchasing huge quantities and the coin could be set for a bullish rally that could easily deliver 20% gains in the short term. The HUH Token can also be added for the long term as it has strong utility. 

The HUH team believes in rewarding social media users and sharing revenue with them. HUH also believes that influence is a currency to be shared for the greater good, not just sold for profit. Influencer points earned inside the HUH social app can be exchanged for HUH tokens. The HUH Token holders get a passive source of income through referrals and transaction fee redistribution. 

HUH is a utility+meme token that has a lot of possibilities in the future as it seeks to leverage the power of a community along with a solid use case for its coin. 

You can get your hands on the HUH Token through PancakeSwap or the native HUHSwap here

The HUH Token will apparently soon exist on multiple networks such as Polygon (DOT), Ethereum (ETH), and the BNB Chain. This decision has been taken because it helps save transaction fees and allows users more flexibility while using the app. HUH will become increasingly popular as the world shifts towards decentralized social media apps. The HUH site has been built to provide utility to the new generation of social media users. 

HUH seeks to create a Metaverse and NFT marketplace that will help social media users to get rewarded and earn money for their activities. The NFT social media marketplace will be created on the MetHUH (a native HUH metaverse) where users can bid, auction, and buy NFTs from their favourite social media influencers. These Social media influencers will be able to create NFTs out of their unique content and then auction these NFTs on the MetHUH.

Add these three coins to gain an edge heading into the summer season. Hedera, Filecoin, and HUH Token can provide great returns for your crypto portfolio. The HUH app launches next month and should provide some upside movement for this coin. Accumulating huge quantities of such small-cap tokens can deliver huge profits in the long term. Follow the coin’s progress continuously to keep yourself updated so that you can adjust your holdings or make timely decisions, if required. 

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