Altcoins for the Long-Term: Hedera (HBAR), THORChain (RUNE) and CashFi (CFI)


Potential investors are concerned about their funds and the future of their present investments since the cryptocurrency market continues to see a huge negative trend.

Nevertheless, given that CashFi (CFI) is set to enter its presale phase and Hedera (HBAR) and THORChain (RUNE) have low pricing at the moment, now may be the perfect time to invest in them. As the old saying goes, buy the dip!

Let’s investigate these tokens in more depth.

Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera (HBAR) is an enterprise-grade public cryptocurrency project that processes up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). It allows anybody to construct decentralised applications (DApps). The blockchain network on which Hedera (HBAR) is founded is not your typical blockchain.

$HBAR is an innovative ledger system that offers cost, scalability, and overall performance improvements. This project is built on Hashgraph and is its native coin. 

The HBAR token may be used for two different things on the platform. It protects the system, ensures that the network’s integrity is preserved, and supports Hedera features like file storage, smart contracts, and other transactions.

The network is highly popular and is extensively embraced in the cryptocurrency industry, all of which combine to make it an attractive investment for the long term.


THORChain (RUNE) is a leading DEX platform worthy of consideration. THORChain, founded by a group of decentralised developers, is an independent and cross-chain liquidity network.

THORChain features a robust ecosystem that facilitates the exchange of synthetics, composites, and self-paying loans. Principal to this is the ThorFi platform, which provides customers with access to no-liquidation-risk financing secured by layer-1 LP collaterals and various other services.

Liquidity pools are one of the THORChain (RUNE) features that may provide passive income. By providing liquidity to various token pools, investors may gain a proportion of transaction fees.

Individuals will be encouraged to join these mining pools by choosing this option, thereby strengthening the blockchain.

The platform intends to allow crypto liquidity through a network of public ThorNodes and ecosystem goods.

Currently, the platform enables users to directly swap and pool on several top-tier DEX platforms and aggregators.

Given that its price has been trending downward for some time, this is an ideal moment to purchase on the dip and hold for the long term.

CashFi (CFI)

CashFi (CFI) is a new decentralised system that has gained recognition for providing great services in liquid staking, non-fungible tokens, and synthetic assets.

Its primary emphasis will be on providing liquidity for DEXs and enabling borrowing and lending. CashFi will also contain a validating arm to validate whole networks across many chains.

When the financial markets experience a slump, investors may struggle to locate a safe refuge for their investment. Commodities have historically served as inflation hedges, protecting investors from the repercussions of inflationary pressures.

cashfi cfi

As a result, CashFi jumped at the opportunity to join the commodities business with the CFI Synths, giving its clients access to a diverse range of highly liquid commodity debt products.

CashFi also recognised the benefits of using NFTs due to their rising use case and popularity. As a result, CashFi will develop CFI NFTs and provide an interoperable NFT marketplace to facilitate and accelerate the industry’s rapid growth.

Because of its novel features and solid use case, the CashFi (CFI) token is poised to make headlines when introduced to the public.

Concluding thoughts: 

Several ventures have become household names, but investors are not yet persuaded that these digital assets could be regarded as long-term investments.

Hedera (HBAR), THORChain (RUNE), and CashFi (CFI) should all see substantial growth and price rises. Invest in them to retire prosperously.

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