3 Cryptos for potentially heavy returns: Logarithmic Finance (LOG), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Internet Computer (ICP)


Logarithmic Finance (LOG), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Internet Computer (ICP) could provide heavy returns as each of them is poised for growth. The three cryptocurrencies could lend enough stability to a portfolio for magnified returns. Do not miss out on adding these tokens as the price spike could happen quickly, as the larger cryptocurrency market consolidates. Cryptocurrency tokens tend to rise quickly in price and catching them during a bull run is not so easy. It is always best to accumulate and average your holding slowly in the long term. In this article, we will discuss the utility and future price potential of these three coins. 

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Add Logarithmic Finance for huge returns

The LOG Token can be purchased through a presale by clicking here. Payment can be made via cryptocurrencies and most popular coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin are accepted. You can buy huge quantities of the LOG Token for receiving huge returns in the future. 

The Logarithmic Finance platform is a layer 3 solution, that will help in providing an interface between investors and project developers. It will help users to invest in upcoming and interesting projects while project owners will be able to gain access to funds. 

Since the platform is cross-chain and interoperable, users will get the opportunity to raise funds on any blockchain network of their choice. Initially, the LOG token will work across Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Tezos, and Solana. More blockchain networks will be added in the future. Project owners will be able to use the Logarithmic Finance platform for creating the pool, specifying the auction parameters, and registering the pool on the blockchain network selected by them. 

The LOG token will allow users to stake and earn income without much effort. The community will be DAO governed, and holders of LOG will get the right to vote. 

Bitcoin Cash registers rise in volumes

BCH token is being accumulated heavily by whales, which could result in a price spike for the coin in the short term. The Bitcoin Cash token (BCH) is a hard fork of the original Bitcoin and is designed to support larger blocks. This helps BCH in processing transactions at a much faster speed. The BCH token is supported as a payment currency across the world through a network of partnerships. You can add the BCH token at regular intervals for gaining huge profits, once the cryptocurrency reaches for the moon. 

Internet Computer surpasses 760 million blocks 

The ICP token has seen a resurgence in price after a dull period. Internet Computer (ICP) has surpassed 760 million blocks which shows the huge popularity, and wide usage of this network. The ICP token has managed to establish interesting partnerships which will see more adoption for this future-proof coin. The Internet Computer blockchain network aims to provide the next generation of hosting facilities for all project developers, minimising the need for a traditional energy-intensive internet as we know it today. The ICP token remains one of the strongest contenders for the future blockchain movement, and should not be ignored. Add it at the current prices for gaining possible heavy returns. 

The Logarithmic Finance token (LOG) will be launched on exchanges once the presale period is completed. The price could easily go anywhere between 10x to 20x as seen in most coins. You can take advantage of the bull run that follows a listing. Add the ICP and Bitcoin Cash tokens for getting heavy returns and minimising risk.

Investment in small-cap coins requires a lot of patience and an investor must learn to hold patiently for the long term ignoring any short-term price fluctuations. Great gains are made by investors who look for long-term profits and can ignore price volatility. Follow the token’s progress at the links shared below.  

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