New Player From Terra Ecosystem: What Is Terra Virtua Kolect?

The ecology of Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) is cross-platform. TVK provides a regulated marketplace for interaction between NFT artists and collectors based on the Ethereum blockchain.


The Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) ecosystem is cross-platform. TVK provides a controlled marketplace for communication between NFT artists and collectors based on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Support for online, desktop, and mobile augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) environments sets TVK apart from other NFT ecosystems. TVK users can enjoy NFT online and in virtual reality on their preferred platform.

Legendary Entertainment and Paramount Pictures are among the companies producing collectible NFTs as part of the Terra Virtua Kolect ecosystem. TVK offers new experiences to NFT artists and collectors. TVK users can use their NFTs at various events or display them in personal areas of the platform.

Gary Bracey and Jawed Ashraf founded the TVK startup in 2017, and the project’s ERC-20-based NFT token, the Kolect (TVK) token, launched on December 16, 2021.

Why Is Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) Unique?

Terra Virtua Kolect provides consumers with a cross-platform NFT environment that they can use both online and in AR/VR. TVK users can showcase or sell their digital products in the NFT marketplace.

TVK offers PC users the Terra Art Gallery program. With this program, users can explore a 3D exhibition space where they can view NFTs. In addition, 3D designs of NFTs can be found in the NFT Marketplace.

New Player From Terra Ecosystem What Is Terra Virtua Kolect?

TVK users can participate in various events with their digital NFTs. On the TVK platform, non-fungible tokens can be exchanged for real game values. For example, it is possible to participate in digital car races with an NFT race car and listen to an album with an NFT album cover.

TVK users now have access to the FanCave and TerraDome personal spaces. You can explore these personal environments in 3D on a computer and decorate them with your NFTs.

What Exactly Is A TVK Token?

Kolect, or TVK token for short, is the native ERC-20 utility coin of the Terra Virtua Kolect platform. TVK use cases fall into four categories:

Terra Virtua Prestige: Terra Virtua Prestige is a VIP program that offers its members exclusive privileges on the platform. These benefits include priority and discounted access to newly released NFTs, the ability to choose which products are featured on TVK, participation in exclusive preview events, special features for FanCave and TerroDome, and free NFT drops.

Terra Virtua Rewards: TVK awards NFTs and TVK Tokens to players who complete various games and events. It is also possible to earn winnings with TVK tokens on the platform. It is also possible to collect and earn NFTs with TVK Tokens.

NFT generation: the platform allows its users to participate in the network’s NFT generators with TVK tokens. The TVK platform also allows manufacturers and brands to issue fan tokens linked to the TVK token.

The supply of TVK tokens is 1,200,000,000,000 units.

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