An Opportunity for Internet Computer (ICP) and Decentraland (MANA), Could HUH Token Deliver 20x Gains?


Internet Computer (ICP) and Decentraland (MANA) have seen declines of 2% each. Could HUH Token deliver 20% gains and help you book huge returns for your crypto portfolio. While ICP and MANA are great coins and can be added on every decline, there is a lot of potential in HUH Token, which has been launched recently and can be bought here. The HUH Social app seeks to make earnings easy for social media users and launches next month. Head over to the social channels of HUH to find out more about this revolutionary new project.  

Internet Computer consolidates near $16 region

The ICP token has fallen by 2% and is trading between a narrow range of $16.03 and $17.74. It has displayed signs of consolidation at the level of $16 and could head for a rally soon as investors manage to accumulate huge volumes of the Internet Computer token. Internet Computer was launched last year and sought to become the new decentralized web 3.0. It is highly scalable and can host dApps, the Metaverse, NFT empires, and can function as the new internet of things.  

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Decentraland trades lower at the $1.98 level

The MANA token of the Decentraland multi-verse has fallen by 2% to trade lower at the price level of $1.98. This is a good level to accumulate this coin as it is considered one of the leaders in the Metaverse virtual space. MANA tokens are used to pay for a range of avatars, wearables etc., on the Decentraland marketplace.

HUH Token could deliver 20X gains

The HUH Token is registering a rise in interest among cryptocurrency investors and could soon deliver 20X gains. The HUH Token has been built on the BNB Chain but supports multiple blockchain networks. It will be used as the primary token inside the HUH social app. The HUH ecosystem consists of a metaverse and NFT space that will make use of the HUH token to pay for transaction fees. A part of the fees will be shared with holders of HUH Token. 

Social media is becoming the keystone of the online content generation media empire. The HUH social app will allow users to earn and create a new source of income solely from spending time online and creating or sharing online content and media. Users could choose to create NFTs or invite other users to the app and get rewarded for such tasks.

The HUH token will be swapped across different networks through HUHSwap.  

The HUH site has been updated and the new design shares more updated information. The new social media users prefer decentralized apps with more user control rather than strict and regulated media empires. The new HUH social app takes care of the requirements of the new social media influencers. Head over to the new site through the links provided below and see for yourself. The HUH Token is a great utility token and will also leverage the power of the meme community. It has aptly been described as a UITMEME coin. 

Moreover, users can claim rewards in other tokens such as USDT, BUSD, ETH, or even MATIC. That’s not all! Users can also choose to receive tokens in another wallet. You can also gift all your rewards to another party. All rewards are truly yours and you can utilize them as you see fit. 

These three tokens could provide a nice crypto portfolio for any cryptocurrency investor. While Decentraland and Internet Computer have fallen and are in the accumulation zone, HUH Token can be added for a huge potential price spike as the app launched in May 2022. Such opportunities do not come often and a utility coin is the best bet to receive huge returns. Add the three coins and gain gigantic profits in the medium to long term. 

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