Optimism Announces the Second Round of Financing!


Optimism Announces the Second Round of Financing! Hope to take to Twitter to share information about the upcoming Public Funds refund process. It is expected to go live in February next year with the first distribution of 10M OP. The distribution will be between people and projects that are responsible for providing money for the optimistic process.

It is expected that other financial systems will follow suit in the future. For now, a second round of funding is being planned in the House of Commons to provide One-One-Vote.

Citizen House falls under the Optimism Collective and its stage, Token House. The voting function is shown in both cases.

Hope rests on the pillars of belief where the value of public goods is important. However, this is possible thanks to the investment of retroactive money of the public, a process that works with a simple concept and it is easy to find out what worked in the past instead of giving support for what can work.

However, the process will take a long time. The longer he stays in the company, the more he will be able to train workers, provide better tools to manufacturers, conduct research, and establish existing facilities. more secure.

Public Goods Fast Fund, also known as RetroPGF, is a basic rule made in various cycles. According to the calendar shared by Optimism, the recruitment window will open on January 03 and end on January 17. The deadline to register for other courses is January 24, 2023. The voting window will be from January 31 to February 10. A total of 90 badges will be distributed on the first day of February. However, this will pave the way for allocating OP 10 million for selected projects.

Hope seeks to improve implementation, incorporate learning, and strive for excellence in future processes. Optimism has allowed you to follow updates through its newsletter.

The second round will be coming soon and it is expected that other rounds will follow. It remains to be seen how effective Round 2 will be as a few fans call the number 10M smaller.

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