Parody Coin (PARO) is a deflationary utility token in its presale stage, it has joined a host of big names in the meme coin ‘world’ such as DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, and MonaCoin. PARO is said to give its investors huge returns and since the Parody coin has been launched as a meme coin, it is set to deliver multiple investors with different streams of passive income and make millions for its users. 

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One of its aims is to give its users more control; essentially the power of making yourself money is in your own hands. This sounds exciting especially if you are a hands-on person, which is why this passive income system was designed. PARO is also part of the BNB smart chain and there are numerous opportunities rewarding participation in the interactive Paroverse.

As Parody Coin is trying to make its investors millions soon, it has carefully mapped out a plan that shows steadiness and longevity. Key utility features that will benefit you once it is launched officially are – Parody Swap, this feature allows users and investors to swap any crypto within a blockchain that is the equivalent to the number of Parody coins it has been swapped for. Essentially this creates a multi-chain swap that combines liquidity into one space. Another feature is the Parody Bridge which facilitates the movement of Parody coins from one blockchain to another. 

Lastly, would you trust PARO if they weren’t looking for a way to enter the NFT market? The special and unique thing about this is if Parody NFT is made out of a certain NFT such as a crypto punk, the possessor of the crypto punk will be able to obtain ownership of the NFT by burning and locking their original NFT.

The developers and creators of the crypto are taking advantage of the meme coin trend, they are taking inspiration from the success of their predecessors: DogeCoin and Shiba Inu


DogeCoin is simple and safe and if you are a fun, carefree, and friendly person, then DogeCoin is the one for you. When billionaire Elon Musk purchased Twitter, the DogeCoin founder Billy Markus wasn’t just over the moon but the investors of DOGE were very pleased, as it joined the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies again, after being out of the top 10 over the last couple of months before the billionaire acquired Twitter. 


Shiba Inu is another decentralised meme token that evolved into a vibrant ecosystem, they are in a constant battle with DogeCoin to see who can be the largest meme coin, competing for higher shares. DogeCoin allows their tokens to be a form of payment, which allows you to buy gifts, groceries, and services from online retailers. SHIB has also partnered with Welly, the Burger restaurant in Naples, and announced that the Shiba Inu community will have a stake in their business which would allow and accept Shiba Inu as a form of payment.


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