Regarding The Binance API Leak, CZ Made a Statement


Regarding the Binance API leak, CZ made a statement. On November 13, a Binance user reported that someone had accessed his account. On top of that, he said that someone placed a large order in the AXS token, buying the digital asset for $1 million.

It is only a matter of time before the CEO of Binance clears the air by giving an explanation on this. CZ expressed his concern in a Twitter thread and said that Binance is trying to figure out what the problem might be. The employee, who almost lost his money, soon confirmed CZ’s statement.

Has the Binance API been discontinued?

In fact, the Binance API key is the main reason. Binance API keys are known to manage trading bots or provide benefits to the platform which has advantages over trading desks ordering from multiple accounts.

A Binance user who wanted to close an unwanted position on AXS found a solution in the Skyrex cryptocurrency trading bot. An API leak, however, may not be caused by the service, but by the user, who may have done it unknowingly. To avoid any problems with their accounts, customers should immediately cancel the API from their account settings on Binance if Skyrex is the source of the leak. In response, CZ said in this case that it will remove all API keys used by Skyrex even if its users do not do anything to prevent the outage from getting worse. According to reports, the hackers managed to get into one account, but it is not known if they had access to other famous accounts. It should be noted that the CEO of the crypto exchange is revealing his plan to help crypto services face the financial crisis as the failure of FTX challenges the industry, according to the CEO say, who also revealed his plan to bring in money. .

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