Top 3 crypto bets for a balanced portfolio: Revolutux (RVTL), Internet Computer (ICP), and ZCash (ZEC)


A balanced portfolio is necessary to ensure the right growth and inflation-proof returns in the long term. Cryptocurrency tokens have emerged as a strong investment instrument and have proved their utility over a decade. Revolutux news…

Many investors are now considering cryptocurrencies as part of their investment portfolios. However, given the huge number of tokens available in the market, it is difficult for an average investor to find out the right cryptocurrency to invest in. For your benefit, we have selected three cryptocurrency tokens that can potentially provide huge gains in the long term. The three coins are: Revolutux (RVTL), Internet Computer (ICP), and ZCash (ZEC).

Revolutux is building a new economic infrastructure

The Revolutux ecosystem plans to reinvent a new economic platform where users will be able to earn rewards and also participate in community governance. The ecosystem will be powered by the RVTL Token. 

Revolutux will provide an instant swap service for users who will be able to connect to several decentralized exchanges and trade tokens with ease. Another major utility of the ecosystem is the ability to stake tokens. The team behind Revolutux has opted for a Secure Asset Fund mechanism to ensure clients’ assets are kept safe at all times. 

The platform will also support NFTs and an NFT marketplace will also be provided in the future. Users will be able to trade these digital assets and also prove ownership easily. 

A reflection mechanism will also be introduced to provide incentive for long-term holders. It would also provide an option for a passive income for these users. Another major use of the RVTL Token will be to provide governance rights. Holders will be able to vote on proposals and shape the direction of the Revolutux community in the future. 

Revolutux has opted for an automatic liquidity pool approach where users will be protected from sudden volatility as is experienced in normal exchanges. The contract will automatically initiate a stable price floor by collecting tokens from buyers and sellers and will add them to the liquidity pool. 

The RVTL Token is available for purchase on presale and can be added for the long term. It has strong use cases and could potentially provide huge gains in the future. 

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ZCash shows a strong volume rise after whales renew interest

ZCash is a privacy oriented cryptocurrency network powered by the ZEC Token. The originating and receiving addresses are not revealed on the ZCash network by default but there is also an option for partial anonymity for authentication purposes. The strong privacy feature is preferred by users who do not wish to disclose their identity while transacting through a blockchain network. The ZEC Token has registered a strong increase in volumes as whales have started expressing a renewed interest in the coin. The ZCash token can also be added along Revolutux and Internet Computer for potentially long-term returns.  

Internet Computer registers most commits on Github

The Internet Computer ecosystem has received the largest number of commits in the past three months on Github. It displays the amount of faith developers have in this technology. The Internet Computer ecosystem is powered by a native token known as ICP that has witnessed a significant price rise in the past. The ICP Token can also be added for potentially huge profits in the future. The Dfinity foundation is the organization behind the Internet computer Protocol which is building a new decentralized web for all users without censorship or geographical limitation. 

The above three coins have diverse utilities and could potentially help in achieving huge returns in the medium to long term. Always opt for a long-term strategy as short-term trading requires a lot of expertise and technical skills. A balanced portfolio can provide huge returns in the future if you can add sufficient tokens at the right price. 

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