Can RoboApe (RBA) Deliver Better Returns Than Cardano (ADA), And Shiba Inu (SHIB)?


New blockchain technology based projects are being launched every day. Many crypto platforms offer revolutionary solutions and are good for the industry and cryptocurrency investors. RoboApe news…

Millions of people have bought cryptocurrencies and gained profit by reselling those assets at higher prices. You should identify and invest in tokens that may help you gain high returns in the long term. We have selected 3 coins that you could consider for investment purposes and for receiving potentially huge profits in the future. Based on extensive research, these 3 coins may deliver higher returns in the near future: RoboApe (RBA), Cardano (ADA), and Shiba Inu (SHIB)

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RoboApe: Aiming to Transform the Meme Token Culture

RoboApe has introduced the RBA meme token that features a sustainable approach to community development. This project aims to transform the cryptocurrency sector by offering different kinds of services designed for the RoboApe community. 

Unlike other meme coins, RBA is an exceptional utility token. It offers a decentralized finance platform for trading meme coins and crypto assets. The community will control the trading costs keeping them low and the project is fully community governed, reducing the chances of a rug pull. 

Users will get access to the RoboApe Academy to learn everything about crypto trading and cryptocurrency investments. It will serve as a free source of knowledge for all the platform users. This platform will participate in many charitable gaming events to revolutionize the gaming space. Web based browsers and mobile gaming solutions will be deployed to target all categories of users. 

Essentially, RoboApe aims to be one of the leading providers of DEX, DeFi, NFTs, Crypto education, and eSports solutions. The RoboApe community will provide easy access to smart contracts and tools to develop dApps. RBA Token holders can participate in DAO and governance. If RBA users regularly trade NFTs and participate on the site, they can gain additional incentives from this platform. 

You can purchase the RBA Token on presale and try to accumulate huge volumes for repairing potentially huge returns in the long term. 

Cardano is addressing scalability issues to offer faster solutions

Cardano was launched to resolve major cryptocurrency issues, such as interoperability, scalability, and regulatory compliance. Charles Hoskinson (Ethereum co-founder) has introduced this open-source blockchain technology-based platform to deliver better solutions than traditional blockchains. It enables P2P transactions through its native token known as ADA. Unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin, Cardano uses the Ouroboros consensus mechanism. It is a proof-of-stake protocol that consumes less energy and delivers faster solutions. Cardano has a more energy-efficient network than some other popular networks. Cardano is an eco-friendly alternative to major blockchain networks. It is a more flexible, scalable, and sustainable platform to run smart contracts. Those smart contracts will facilitate the development of a diverse range of dApps, decentralized finance platforms, and cryptocurrencies. Users need ADA whenever they want to make a transaction. Staking ADA allows users to serve as validators, improve this platform’s security, and gain rewards. Besides, ADA token holders can participate in the governance process. They can vote on major upgrades and changes proposed for the platform. 

Shiba Inu might witness a bull rally on the back of strong accumulation by whales

Introduced as the Doge Killer, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a highly popular meme token. People welcomed it as an alternative to Dogecoin, which has recently taken the crypto industry by storm. This community-building cryptocurrency was created on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. It attracted many investors from all over the globe and snatched a huge market share from Dogecoin. This meme coin also received attention from renowned programmer and Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin and  founder of Tesla, Elon Musk. Whales have started another accumulation phase and the SHIB token might witness a rally in the near future. 

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