RoboApe (RBA), Litecoin (LTC), and Hedera (HBAR) – Attracting Institutional Crypto Investors


Chances are that whenever you have shared a meme on social media or over a chatting app, you only expected a few laughs from your friends. RoboApe news…

That was until meme coins became mainstream investment assets. The meme-inspired cryptocurrency tokens have become a unique asset class that has won the approval of investors across the globe. Born out of viral social media phenomena, these meme coins are also an example of how technology can disrupt daily life and help people discover new use cases. 

With cryptocurrency-based assets like meme coins, investors can look forward to impressive returns and a secure trading platform that doesn’t cost much and is also environment-friendly. All this, while ensuring data privacy. If you are a newbie investor, a meme coin like RoboApe (RBA) or a more established, regular cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC) and Hedera (HBAR) can be great potential investment assets in the long term. 

RoboApe (RBA) – a meme coin designed for crypto enthusiasts

RoboApe (RBA) is a futuristic platform that focuses on solving economic challenges, with unlimited access to decentralised finance (DeFi) with a sustainable token and a culture of rewards. The platform has its own native token, RBA, that will be used for staking and all other transactions. Users can purchase the RBA tokens on presale. 

The RBA token is based on the Ethereum network and each transaction on the RoboApe platform will cost users a small fee. The team has said that future plans include paying back a portion of the collected fee back to the users’ wallets. A rather interesting feature about the meme coin is that it is deflationary in value as a portion of the transaction fee paid by a user is burned to keep the supply of the RBA tokens limited.

It won’t be wrong to say that the main draw of the RoboApe platform is its ecosystem which is capable of much more than a regular blockchain system. For starters, there is the RoboApe Academy where users can learn everything about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It will also function as an online library with learning resources so that users can stay abreast with the latest developments in cryptocurrencies. 

The platform also comes with an NFT marketplace that facilitates the trading of meme coins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Meanwhile, the RoboApe gaming section keeps users entertained with interactive web and mobile-based games. In the RoboApe forum, users can discuss anything about cryptocurrencies or the platform, be it meme coins or governance tokens, and much more.

Litecoin (LTC) fully integrates the MimbleWimble privacy feature

Litecoin (LTC) is a decentralised platform that enables its users to make private and secure payments in a cost-effective manner. What works in its favour is an easy-to-use interface and minimal restrictions in processing payments. It also has a native token, LTC, that is used for staking on the platform. 

Moreover, Litecoin’s blockchain is the largest global crypto-based network that has been working since 2011 without any downtime. Litecoin recently joined hands with Elliptic as its first blockchain provider to support the MimbleWimble privacy feature on the platform. With the integration, Litecoin would be able to promote safe business practices that are compliant with various economic sanctions and anti-money laundering guidelines.

Hedera (HBAR) joins hands with

What if someone told you that it was indeed possible to make smart contracts work in a smarter way? Well, that’s what Hedera’s (HBAR) claim to fame is. It’s a community-driven carbon-negative public distributed ledger that is based on the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol. Users get to run smart contracts in several popular languages including Vyper and Solidity to build decentralised apps and protocols. 

It has a native token, HBAR, that can be used for staking on the platform. Hedera users can look forward to minting and managing fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to pay for apps, participate in governance or gather digital collectibles. It is also 10 times faster than other blockchain alternatives and has a comparatively lower gas fee. Recently, Avery Dennison’s announced that it will be leveraging Hedera to account for its products’ carbon emissions.

All 3 cryptocurrencies are different and unique in their own ways, thus making them promising potential investment choices. However, it is crucial to do further personal research before investing. If you are interested in learning more about RoboApe (RBA), use the links below to find more information. 

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