Russian Central Bank cryptocurrency move


Russian Central Bank cryptocurrency move. The Central Bank of Russia has published a report on the integration of cryptocurrencies into the country’s financial system. This report addresses the issue of taxation and the issuance of digital assets in legal terms. The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has published an important report on the integration of cryptocurrencies into the national financial system. In the article written on digital assets, there are a few things about tax collection and how to generate digital assets that should be the focus. Part of the story that differs from the discussion around the world is that it doesn’t go into detail about money laundering. In addition, it should be noted that the issue of sanctions against Russia is limited.

Russian Central Bank, Especially oil and gas bills…

As you know, Russia is one of the richest countries in oil and gas in the world, and the payment for these two resources is in US dollars all over the world. On the other hand, sanctions prevent Russia from trading in US dollars. In the report, the central bank talks about its desire to open its domestic market to “friendly countries”.

President Vladimir Putin expressed a positive opinion about cryptocurrencies before the war in Ukraine, but he said that he does not believe that these assets will be used in the oil and gas trade in the near future. The Central Bank of Russia also said that cryptocurrencies will be banned, but after the war and sanctions in Ukraine, it takes a 180 degree turn.

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