5 Essential Things You Should Know About SupertideFi (SPT)

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The growth of Decentralized finance in the past two years has given rise to a lot of new cryptocurrency projects  aiming to improve on existing Defi platforms. Majority of the projects launched in 2022 are Defi-related with each of them offering a unique solution to existing problems or deficiencies in the Defi market space.

SupertideFi (SPT) is a soon-to-be entrant into the cryptocurrency market that’s about to help you ride the wave of decentralized finance with ease. The token boasts multiple utilities, which is essential for adoption in today’s coin market. It’s an exciting project and this article brings you give (5) essential things you should know about it:

Features of SupertideFi (SPT) You Should Know

Before you leverage the SupertideFi (SPT) ship to ride the wave of decentralized finance, here are things you should know: 

It is a Multi-chain Plain Form 

The decentralized blockchain-based platform aims to integrate major blockchains on its system. Solana (Sol), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum-blockchain, and Tron Network are some of the proposed ones. What this means for users is that you can enjoy multi-chain coin swap at a faster transaction speed and a lower fee. Also, you do not need multiple networks to perform different transactions as SupertideFi (SPT) is set to be a one-step multichain decentralized finance (Defi) platform.

Easy Navigation

The developers of the SupertideFi (SPT) ecosystem took a user-centered approach to creating the platform. It is built with an intuitive interface that ensures ease of use and seamless navigation. The platform also contains detailed instructions to help users understand and access the features better. 

SupertideFi (SPT) developers understand how essential users’ experience is towards the growth and development of the network. Thus, they ensure the interface is streamlined to deliver optimum satisfaction. This is an indication that the team placed close attention to every part of the project to prevent any defect on the ship, once it sails!

Staking Insurance scheme

The SupertideFi (SPT) features an innovative insurance scheme that ensures optimal protection of stakeholders and community members. SupertideFi developers aim to integrate insurance funds obtained from team contribution and community funds into the ecosystem, to make it more secure and reduce risk exposure. 

Community members will benefit from this scheme and also earn incentives and rewards for staking. It’s an innovation to ensure the community remains active, protected, and committed towards the development of the community. 

Total supply volume 

Total volume supply is one of the essential factors crypto investors consider before making entry into a project. SupertideFi (SPT) will have about 10 billion tokens in circulation.

About 3.5 billion out of the total volume will be released for presale, 500 million will go into airdrop, about 1.2 billion for the insurance scheme, while the total of 1.8 billion will go into marketing development and liquidity provisioning. 

The developers have put streamlined mechanisms in place to ensure each stream of allocation gets the predetermined volume. This will increase the token’s adoption and further optimize its value. 

Multiple utility 

The SupertideFi (SPT) token will have multiple use cases and applications in numerous sectors. Utility is an essential factor that determines token’s adoption and value and the supertideFi team ensured the token doesn’t lack in this aspect. 

The SupertideFi token will be used for:

  • Staking and rewards – Community members will earn rewards from lending and borrowing their assets. The platform features numerous staking opportunities for users. 
  • Yield  farmingSupertideFi allows you farm the SupertideFi token (SPT) by depositing a single asset with flexible pay-out schedules.
  • Transaction fees – The token will be used on the platform to complete transactions at a low cost. Low transaction fees is one of the numerous perks of the SupertideFi ecosystem.
  • Multi-chain swap bridge — The SupertideFi token is swappable across integrated blockchains with low rates. 


The SupertideFi (SPT) is indeed one the new cryptocurrency projects to look out for. Its Defi-related utility provides great optimism about a profitable market in the long run. Now may be the best time to join the SupertideFi ship while it’s still on presale.

SupertideFi (SPT)

Presale: http://wave.supertidefi.com/ 

Website: http://supertidefi.com/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/SupertideFiOfficial 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SupertideFi

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