Last year, crypto markets expanded and prospered, with multiple unique sectors thriving and significantly outperforming. Fidarzi news…

People who invest in cryptocurrencies have the potential to become billionaires overnight. We’ve all seen how successful cryptocurrencies have grown, with new ones arriving regularly. There appears to be no cap on how much money you may make in this digital area. You may put as much or as little money into cryptocurrencies as you choose.

Theft, corruption, inefficiency, privacy, inflation, and other issues have plagued global financial organizations. For a long time, fiat and faulty financial mechanisms have failed the people. Centralized banking systems, which governments generally control at various levels, may create new money at will, contributing to hyperinflation. These issues are only a few reasons why decentralized finance is becoming a more viable option for the world economy.

What Is Fidarzi?

what is fidarzi

Fidarzi (FIZI) claims to create an environment where users can perform real-time operations across many blockchains and currencies (both digital and fiat). Each founder’s tokens have been put in a 3-year vesting time lock smart contract to indicate the founders’ devotion to Fidarzi’s long-term health and condition as a project with provable scarcity.

Fidarzi’s pioneers are actively exploring collaborations with licensed Electronic Money Institutions or Financial Institutions that are open to having Fidarzi as an agent, thereby following the agent model to brand Fidarzi Cards and offer specific features such as FIZI (Fidarzi Token) incentives for referring friends into the Fidarzi Ecosystem or spending crypto using the Fidarzi Card. In this regard, FIZI will function similarly to BNB when spending cryptocurrency using the Binance Card.

The Fidarzi (FIZI) ecosystem enables interoperability between existing monetary institutions and blockchain technology, creating many new prospects for organizations and individuals. Products such as the Fidarzi card and associated rewards program, which will be addressed more in this White Paper, will be critical to the growth and preservation of both our and your enterprises.

Fidarzi Pro and Fidarzi Community are the two cornerstones of our ecosystem. The Fidarzi DEX interface, high-yield returns through staking, and assistance for corporate customers looking to bring our technology’s strength of service, utility, and retention to their business are all part of the ecosystem.

What Is Fidarzi App?

The Fidarzi app aspires to be a naturally mainstream product, designed with the general market in mind. It will enable the broadest possible audience to purchase, keep, exchange, and spend fiat and digital assets. While the application is still developing, the team is looking for dependable white label goods to provide short-term solutions with a reduced user experience.

Users more accustomed to traditional online banking systems can benefit from the Fidarzi App’s revolutionary features. Because digital currencies are generally perceived as confusing and inaccessible, the Fidarzi app tries to alleviate these issues. 

What Is Fidarzi DEX?

The Fidarzi Exchange will be aimed at the general public. This exchange, which operates as an extension of Fidarzi outside the current Fidarzi app, gives users direct access to multiple DeFi protocols and platforms. Recognizing how crucial it is for seasoned DeFi users to have complete control over their assets, we grant the holder entire ownership.

With the growing public interest in DeFi, the Fidarzi Wallet will employ the same UI/UX that Fidarzi app users are currently accustomed to. The Fidarzi DEX, with no jurisdictional constraints on usage, will provide the benefits of DeFi to individuals worldwide.

Is Fidarzi (FIZI) DAO?

Fidarzi (FIZI) intends to be a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), practically the Web3 equivalent of a Facebook Group funding a Kickstarter: they all put money in and determine how to distribute the cash as a group. The more tokens a member has, the more significant sway they have over how money is allocated. This implies that the DAO’s ownership and returns will be owned directly by the community it serves. The more FIZI tokens you acquire, the higher your stake in the company and the more you get to influence its administration.

What Is Fidarzi (FIZI) Card?

After launching the Fidarzi Card (a crypto-enabled debit card) as an agency or partner of a licensed financial institution that allows white labeling and branding of a debit card, Fidarzi intends to provide Card cashback for every purchase done using the card.

The repayment percentages will be calculated based on the amount of FIZI in your Fidarzi wallets. Fidarzi’s debit card product will be updated regularly. Cardholders can spend their bitcoin using the Fidarzi Card.

Other benefits of the Fidarzi Card include discounts on various purchasing and travel incentives and over-the-counter (OTC) currency rates. The Fidarzi Card, which allows users to earn FIZI points on card transactions, will be a key component of the Fidarzi rewards and savings program.

What Is Fidarzi Affiliate Program?

The FIDARZI Affiliate program allows users to earn FIZI by bringing new members to the Fidarzi (FIZI) initiative. You receive a free membership when you join, and all participants are automatically registered in the program.


Early adopters will be rewarded as the token’s value and utility increase. Unlike huge organizations and institutions, we operate transparently to empower all token holders. All FIZI smart contracts will be executed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing for the automation of business models and other features while keeping total blockchain transparency. The platform’s new market is an excellent opportunity to begin trading; nevertheless, you must conduct your research and weigh each risk.

Fidarzi (FIZI)

Website: http://fidarzi.io/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/FidarziOfficial 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fidarzi

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