Unexpected Move From Trump


Unexpected move from Trump. Key points to remember:

  • Trump released his own collection of NFTs.
  • The collection consists of 45,000 NFT, which is hosted on Polygon and is available for $99.
  • Purchasing a trading card directly from the website automatically enters collectors into a raffle with thousands of prizes.

Donald Trump is launching his own digital NFT card collection at Polygon. Each card is available for purchase for $99 through the official website.

Trump and Blockchain

Donald T. has released his own collection of NFTs, and that’s just what you’d expect.

The former President of the United States announced today at True Social the release of his official collection of digital business cards. The collection contains 45,000 NFTs, all of which depict Trump himself in a different outfit – superman, astronaut, sheriff, stockbroker, golfer, and others. The president said in his post that he wants his fans and followers to see each of his cards “like a baseball card, but hopefully more fun.”

Trump’s NFTs are currently being purchased for $99 each on his official website, although they will soon appear on secondary markets such as Blur or OpenSea. The website makes it easy for the non-cryptocurrency community to buy digital cards – fans just need an email address and a credit card, and the platform creates a crypto wallet for them. It is also possible to buy NFT using MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet and pay with weTH.

Trump NFT buyers are automatically entered into the contest, which will be awarded over a thousand prizes. Rewards include dinner with Trump, a cocktail party with him at Mar-a-Lago, one-on-one meetings, a chance to play golf with him, pickup calls and autographed memorabilia, among others . In addition, ticket collectors are guaranteed a dinner with Trump if they buy 45 cards.

Trump supporters also have the option to enter the raffle without purchasing a trading card. Sweepstakes entries are not linked to the digital cards themselves, meaning collectors will not be eligible for rewards if they purchase the cards in the secondary market. The website said the proceeds from the sale of the business cards will not be used to support Trump’s political campaign.

Interestingly, the website calls the trading cards both “NFTs” and “digital tokens” respectively. This isn’t the first time a big brand has used “collective digital” to describe a technology, while the general public doesn’t view the term as “NFT.” Nevertheless, the site is careful to show that the cards are placed in Polygon, which it describes as eco-friendly and carbon neutral. Disclaimer: At the time of writing this article, the author of this article owns BTC, ETH, and many other cryptocurrencies.

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