Global Conflict: Understand The Volatility Of The Crypto Market


The volatility of the crypto market has shown to be more common as initially thought with the latest crypto market crash. This can appear a big concern for beginner investors but there are a few strategies to secure your profits.

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Why Did The Market Crash

The price value for the largest market-leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have suffered greatly and both experienced drops of over 55 per cent in six months.

Some cryptocurrencies that were once stable in the top 10 saw a massive collapse. This is the case for “stablecoin” TerraUSD, supposedly pegged to the US dollar and LUNA , that fell by more than 98% overnight after ranking in the top 10, according to

Market analysts and expert investors claim that the recent cryptocurrency crash was a combination of many factors. One factor that is contributing massively to the crypto landscape is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The crypto market experienced a lot of volatility as the financial implications of war are global.

Russian Government On Crypto

Before the recent geopolitical conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalated, Russia had plans to become a cryptocurrency powerhouse and a paradise for investors.

Cryptocurrencies have only been legal in Russia since January 2021 and the government still holds strict limits on the usage of crypto coins as a form of currency. However, Minister Denis Manturov has communicated that crypto will be legalised soon as a form of payment.

This conflict does not appear to be slowing down according to other world leaders and what are described as acts of war on the part of Russian President Vladimir Putin are said to influence the should expect more volatility ahead. 

Nevertheless, Russian citizens embraced cryptocurrency despite the amount of regulations the Russian government had on crypto and its usage has risen over the past few years. Pre-war statistics indicate that Russians possessed $240 Billion in crypto assets (12% of the world’s total cryptocurrency).

Secure Your Future Crypto Investments


If you are looking forward to investing in cryptocurrencies and do not know where to start, there are a few strategies that can help your investments survive the possible volatility of the market .

One strategy is to invest into crypto presales as these are an investor’s best opportunity to acquire coins for a premium price.

Crypto launchpads can help you on this journey. These are also known as IDO platforms and serve as a platform for new crypto assets launching at the moment; it includes tokens and projects and helps in raising liquidity.

BoostX has recently joined the cryptosphere and investors claim it is possibly the best crypto launchpad currently in the market.

The ecosystem provides a place where investors can analyse recent crypto projects before investing in them prior to these being priced in the market. 

Boostx further provides its community of investors with a fair access to exclusive early-stage presales as well as a one time opportunity to invest in highly-anticipated tokens before these join the market.

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